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Many choices of colour and material also means many choices to be made. We would very much like to support your design process and this is why we offer you to put together your very own set of samples which we will then send to your address within a few days.

Although we have endeavoured to provide a beautiful and realistic digital presentation on our website, nothing beats the human senses. We work with natural products and to sense the right texture as well as the right colour combinations, we offer you the opportunity to have samples of materials sent to you in the colours and finishes you desire.

Put together your five preferred samples and receive them within a few days. The samples vary in size depending on the material, but measure approx. 5 x 5 cm.

As we work with natural materials, we make reservations as far as differences in the shades of the wood, linoleum and laminate are concerned.”


Together with the samples, you will receive a voucher of 25 euro.

Selected color samples

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About the materials


Laminate is very easy to keep clean and the ideal solution for tables that are wiped many times a day. The colours are clear and the surface has a bit of gloss for a more modern look.
We use high-pressure laminate from the original manufacturer, Formica.


Linoleum is practical, easy to clean and has a lovely sound-absorbing effect. The colours are muted and the matte surface gives the furniture the perfect, exclusive look.
When produced, linoleum leaves a positive carbon footprint and we only use original linoleum from Forbo that produces it in the Netherlands. We offer 5 colours as standard.


Oak is a hardwood with a nice grain which gives the furniture the right, Scandinavian look while also ensuring super durability.
With the right maintenance, a piece of oak furniture can last for many years.
Our furniture is available with four different treatments: natural-oiled, white-oiled and smoked.
All our oak is FSC-certified and is only forested in Europe under responsible conditions.